Friday, December 26, 2008

Beyonce Caught Farting@!@!(*@(&$#!

Okay, this didn't actually happen (at least to my knowledge), but I would love if it did.  The thing is, I really like Beyonce overall.  I love her music, her performances, all of it!  She is an amazingly talented performer.  The thing is is that Beyonce knows she is.  She takes herself so seriously!!  I just wish once she would get recorded letting one rip and maybe fall again like she did that time.  You know she was pissed when that falling concert footage made the rounds.  If you haven't already, take a look at Beyonce's new video "Diva".  This backs all this post up.

WTF fringe sun glasses??  Please!  Looks like something Mama Tina made in her damn sewing room that Beyonce lets her have.  Oh and btw, Rachel and I really want to make our own version of "Single Ladies".  Lindsay thus far is refusing, but I think one or two buttery nipples later she will be shaking that Jewish ass around like she is getting dollars shoved down her undies.

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  1. Yah those glasses are in next season's Dereon catalog, but I think they stole the jacket from Janet's Control closet.
    (I still like "Single Ladies".)