Friday, December 26, 2008

Michael in Dubai-land

So Rachel and I were talking today how we would really like it if our restaurant could open a location in Dubai.  I mean Dubai is the place to be right?  I mean Michael Jackson is there spending the last days of his life supposedly.  That got us on a conversation about Mr. Jackson.  I was saying that if he dies early than I feel like all the bad stuff (child molestation charges/craziness) will all be forgotten.  Rachel disagreed.  This conversation about MJ and Dubai also got us on a great idea to make our own line of bedazzled denim burkas.  They would sell like hot cakes.  Bitches would be lining up to pick that shit up.  I also thought it would be cutting edge to make a slot in the burka to insert a phone.  We would put bluetooth out of business.

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