Sunday, December 28, 2008

MJ's Wang-a-doodle

So the hot topic at work this evening was a question that I think goes right up there with "Does Beyonce poop?"  I had the question "Do you think Michael Jackson is hung?"  I mean he is technically black after all.  Most everyone said no.  Rachel and Han brought up the fact that his voice is incredibly high.  I added that could mean there were part or all of the genitals removed at some time.  Maybe he basically just has a beer bong attached where his junk should be.  The answer came from the professional black man James himself.  He said no emphatically without missing a beat.  He thinks that he is a product of his endowment so to say and that contributes to him being totally crazy and messed up.  After resident black man answered the question we were all able to have a sigh of relief since we had definitely found our answer.

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