Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't F' with Sharon

Ok, so while I should be totally embarrassed that I am admitting right now that I watched and loved Charm School:  Rock of Love, I'm not.  I really loved it and I'm so sad it's over.  I feel lost without watching those tranny, coke, strippers with crude mouths slap the crap out of each other.  Anyways, the show climaxed on the reunion show, fitting enough, with a brawl that happened between Sharon Osbourne (the headmistress) and literally the most vile girl on the show Megan.  To let you know about Megan, she insisted on always wearing only a bikini and dragging around her retarded chihuahua at all times.  She was also the most stupid person I have ever witnessed on television.  Anyways, Sharon tells her that she should not be able to have offspring and then Megan drunkily slurs something about how all Sharon does is take care of her invalid husband.  It should go unsaid that you don't fuck with Sharon Osbourne.  Isn't that a commandment or something?

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