Sunday, January 25, 2009

Holy Hat!

So...this hat...well...where to begin.  All at once it amazes me, frightens me, and makes me tinkle with laughter.  Where the hell did this thing come from??  I will say that had she worn a beanie or something I would have been terribly disappointed.  I mean Aretha goes big or goes home.  She doesn't half ass shit.  I feel like something is hiding under there.  A member of the Taliban could have easily stowed away under the cap or really even the bow part.  I bet each of the sequins could have easily been an explosive to blow up the entire platform at the inauguration.  You know Aretha wouldn't have put up with going through security or getting patted down.  She's the Queen of Soul for Christ's sake!  Anyways, the hat is basically the best part of the whole inauguration, other than of course Barack Obama becoming President. 

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