Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Blog Muse is Gone

So Rachel is down under seen here getting groped with her hubby by a frisky tiger.  Yes, I AM totally jealous.  I LOVE Disneyworld.  Anyways, she has been gone and that's where the lack of posts on the blog is apparent.  While I have been able to fill her void with Han, blogging about our conversation about the current crisis in the Middle East isn't as funny as talking about Beyonce farting.  I mean maybe if I turned the conversation around to equate the whole Middle East as one big fart, maybe that would work.  Han and I did have a great conversation the other night about celebrity baby names.  It's very fitting that Han would teach and explain to me Middle East relations and intricacies while I would inform her that Ashlee Simpson named her baby Bronx Mowgli.  Han and I can talk about basically any topic and we do.  Our conversations range any where from the Middle East to Bronx Mowgli and for that I love Han.

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